Chapter Thirty-Six: Love, Marriage, and Sim Fu!

AND HERE’S OUR RECAP:  Athena was named heiress, our first insane heiress, GOODY!!  I changed up the town to be more pet-friendly, Saturn died after her LTW finally registered as complete, and all three girls graduated.  Taurus and Athena are engaged, and Athena adopted a dog and named said dog Desdemona.  Now we only need a boy dog named Othello (Shakespeare reference, remember Athena only speaks in Shakespeare quotes).

The thing is, I tried to save like fifty times after getting Desdemona and I constantly got a Code 12 Error.  Soooo, eventually I had to get off the computer and couldn’t keep sims up, so we kind of lost a bit.  So I’m just going to play till that and pray it hopes me freaking save!  It let me save after Saturn died, but yea…  I come back in game and there is no Desdemona, and there is no Engagement, it saved right when I found out that the neighborhood people to adopt from, the Funke’s, only had kitty cats.  So I can replay all of this.  But just beware, Dessy may be as cute as she once was…

Desdemona : *ruffruff*

Nope, still cute.  Let me tell you, though, walking the dog takes forever!!  It took them all day to get to the pool (Dessy wanted to go).  Also- dogs can swim in pools.  They went to the dog park after the pool, took them all night, then Athena moodlet managed herself to a happy place while Desdemona took care of her needs… and Taurus came over to the park.

Athena : What light through yonder window breaks.. Taurus : Those are not your vows, and you know it.

Naida : You got married at a DOG PARK??

Neptune : Oh my goodness, my little girl got married!!

Mint : AT… A DOG PARK??

Eve : It’s a very nice dog park….

Athena : O, how this spring of love resembleth

Yup, and then I was planning a trip to China, but Athena needed a camera too so I went to buy debug… to find not one… not two… NOT THREE…. but FOUR, FOUR NEW GNOMES::

Also, my game crashed before they got to China, but I’ve yet another surprise.  For some reason… Hera returned.  It says she’s still enrolled in boarding school so I’ll just figure that out on the forums later.  Now, it’s China time!

Taurus : . . . Neptune : The attention just encourages her.

Oh, I forgot to tell you all about Taurus…  Disciplined, Clumsy, Perfectionist, Heavy Sleeper, and Eco Friendl-

Mint : I approve!

Shut up, I’m not done.  His favorites are HipHop, Crepes, and Sea Foam.  His zodiac sign is Scorpio (Very tempted to change his name to Scorpio…) and his lifetime wish is a NEW ONE, from PETS: The Canine Companion, he wants to befriend 15 doggies.  If we get an Othello, maybe he can befriend tons of puppies before we give them up for adoption and stuff..

Eve : Awww, he’s an animal lover!  That’s sweet.

Neptune : I can finally get a picture of lovers in China, maybe I can take them to Egypt and France, and complete the collection…

Maybe, if you live that long.  Maybe Hera will become an adventurer, and scope out all the tombs and what not, or get a Pets LTW.  I’ll just hope for adventurer because I want to try that out.

Athena : As he was valiant, I honour him. But as he was ambitious, I slew him. 

Uh… bit harsh, don’t you think?  Anyway, GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!!  EA finally updated the photo skill to include things from OTHER expansion packs.  The proof?

Oh that’s right, I never told you, I was wanting to get all the girls of Gen5 together to do it at once, but I guess now I have to.

Athena : False face must hide what the false heart doth know

Mint : Show us what?

Neptune : Well, Skye was an imaginary friend, and can turn into doll form.. So can the girls.

Naida : SAY WHAT??  Oh god they’re freaks!

Eve : . . . Yes, yes they are, just like IMOGEN.

Naida : Well, at least she just WAS something, she didn’t turn INTO anything.

Ladies ladies, more good news…

Please look at that.

Naida : . . . §11,000?

Eve : In like… two seconds?

Mint : You’re kidding…

Neptune : No, I’m just that awesome.  

Athena : For I can raise no money by vile means.

Yea, it’s awesome.  Aaand now, we play around China.

Neptune : I founds a turtle, cute wittle turtle, I'ma name you George.

She took pictures of the gardens and whatever while finding cute adorable animals, such as a chinchilla, shrew, and a chipmunk.  Meaning, she got a lot of money just by collecting cute things.  Chipunk – like §100, Chinchilla, like §900.

Neptune : A freaking snake bit me.

That sucks, I’m afraid of snakes…

Athena : Give thy thoughts no tongue!

 Neptune : Taurus said she was talking to herself again.  It happened a lot during our trip.

Naida : I knew that letting someone insane lead the legacy was a mistake!

Mint : Yea, because we’d rather have a whore.

Eve : That’s my mom you’re talking about!!

Neptune : She spent more time talking to herself than him, apparently.  

Okay, Neptune, don’t turn into Mrs. Robinson.   Anyway, they went home and it was Hera’s birthday, soooo it was time for the birthday cake.  I also noticed that Skye has seven days left.

Hera : If you were smart you would have voted for me. But you weren't.

Do to “indifferent studies” and her skipping out on freaking boarding school just like her aunt Mars (why? Someone tell me why?) she got Kleptomaniac.  Not too shabby.

We’re going to leave you with that.

Neptune : George got free in China.. =(  I have no George now.

We’ll find another next chapter.


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