CD Chapter One-Hundred-Twelve

04-29-16_4-42-48 PM

So I managed to get a job.  Belmarsh was in school, I was finally an adult, and now I was entering the workforce as a Police Detective.  For the first day I wasn’t on my own, instead I had to shadow another detective.

Mostly it was simple things, taking statements, taking pictures, evidence samples, processing criminals.  It was fun to be helping people, I enjoy my work, and it’s something I know Belmarsh will be proud of me for doing- I want my kids, my descendants, to be proud of me.

04-29-16_5-30-59 PM

Work was brilliant and having the evenings at home was amazing, I’d make dinner while Archer would help Belmarsh with his homework.  Having such a small home made it easy to hold a conversation with everyone around me, and our family, it felt close.

04-29-16_6-23-25 PM

I managed to get my first arrest at work and I was finally off of the rookie program and I was allowed to pick up my own cases and manage them.  It was amazing to be liberated from shadowing others.  I couldn’t wait to be the best damn cop this place has ever seen.

04-29-16_6-41-51 PM

I got amazingly turned on when I began to gain all this power and Archer and I were off the charts when it came to romance.  I never life could feel this good, especially this good.

04-29-16_7-23-50 PM

Archer and I got a sitter for a night and went out for a dance party, it was just down the street from us, so I didn’t feel too bad about Belmarsh being home with a sitter when we were so close anyway.

04-29-16_9-45-43 PM

I also went on a girl’s night which was a little strange for me.  I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on drinks and so I ordered an §8 bowl of olives and just sat at the bar and tried not to worry about what was going on at home.  It seemed strange to be out without Archer, enjoying myself while he was at home.

After I was throwing up quite a bit for not even drinking the night before I took a test to find out if I was truly pregnant- and wow, what would you know, I am.  I guess I should have expected as much, with how active Archer and I have been, and our whole track record with ‘super awesomely careful’ well, we already have one kid, what’s another when we’re married and actually doing things right?

With my second case solved I earned myself a promotion and some bonus money to help get us ready for the next baby.  Life was going amazing, I was on a roll at work and at home.


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