CD Chapter One-Hundred-Thirteen

04-30-16_2-38-11 PM

Archer and I seemed to have a perfect relationship, we rarely fought, but there was plenty of passion- if you get what I’m saying.  It was like we had been made for each other.  He came from a legacy family as well but his sister had taken over, not him.

04-30-16_6-49-46 PM

I decided a few changes were in order, my clothes, my hair, I wasn’t a teen mom anymore, I didn’t need to look that part.  Archer couldn’t keep his hands off me with my make-over.  I had to admit, I liked my new hair too.  It was super cute.

04-30-16_6-53-00 PM

My days off coincided with my pregnancy so I didn’t need to take family leave at all.  I stayed home, I made sure my husband and son had all their meals taken care of.  It was boring, there wasn’t much to do.  I felt cabin fever coming on fast, to be honest.

04-30-16_7-16-39 PM

Luckily Archer was there to ease my tension.  When I had gotten pregnant with Belmarsh I hadn’t imagined my life would be this good.  Looking back on it, I took control of my life, I took the ‘blame’ for my ‘mistake’ (it’s really difficult to see Belmarsh as a ‘mistake’, I love him so much), and I made lemonade out of lemons.

04-30-16_8-16-49 PM

As I got bigger I was looking forward to my few days off to be over, to go back to work for a day or two then have this baby.  I love my kids but there are day cares these days, I don’t need to take off work except for family events- like birthdays and camping trips.  Mothers didn’t have to stay home and tend to the house anymore.

04-30-16_8-24-11 PM

At work everything was how I imagined, some people came up to feel my baby bump and talk to me about the exciting new addition to my family I was growing, most people just stayed out of my way- I came to work to work, not to waste time.

04-30-16_8-34-18 PM

I wrapped up my case and helped out on another when I had some free time.  I didn’t think the end of my pregnancy would be any time to take on a new case of my own, I’d need a fresh mind, not one riddled with pregnancy hormones.

04-30-16_11-04-23 PM

The pain was more intense this time, as if the second birth was going to hurt more.  I decided against going to the hospital,  I had already handled this once before at home and that was how I intended to handle it again.

04-30-16_11-06-43 PM

I guess labor hurt so bad because I was having twins!  Folsom and Attica, my twin girls.  That was it for me, I was good with just the children I had- of course I knew there was a chance for more, I hadn’t exactly been planned, and none of my children had been planned either.  I knew full well the risks of woohoo, but I just couldn’t keep my hands off Archer.

04-30-16_11-53-08 PM

I took a fresh new case when I got back to work, and discovered that it was my first homicide.  I wasn’t dumb, I knew things like this happened, but seeing it for the first time- it was more than shocking.

04-30-16_12-09-56 AM

It was hard to go home and pretend that I hadn’t seen corpses, that I hadn’t taken photographs of blood splatter, I couldn’t tell them anything about the case, for their own safety, and because those were the rules.  I couldn’t discuss the facts of an ongoing case.

At work it was a lot of technical work, analyzing evidence, cross-referencing the police database, all for some hope or prayer that I could find this killer.  Things were not moving very quickly with the case which made me nervous, I wanted to solve this thing quick, I didn’t want this person to strike again.

05-01-16_12-36-24 PM

Folsom and Attica grew into cute little girls at home, this case was making me worry and paranoid- I didn’t want anything to happen to my kids.  My kids, Archer, my family- they were my world, I’d be nothing without them.

05-01-16_13-08-46 PM

So I was sure to spend a lot of time with them.  My line of work wasn’t the safest and I wanted to make memories with my kids- just in case something happened, to me or to them, we would always have the memories we kept in our hearts.


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