CD Chapter One-Hundred-Fourteen

05-01-16_3-24-34 PM

I know I’ve been going on about how my life is super great but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  I’ve got three kids- and they have this habit of just breaking everything they touch.  It’s like they have sticky, sticky hands, touch something, and suddenly that thing is sticky and won’t work properly.  And then things burst like pipes and things- water everywhere.  It’s a real pain.

05-01-16_5-02-26 PM

Belmarsh’s birthday was upon us, I hadn’t realized that so much time had passed, it felt like I had just had him, that we had just moved out.  It was hard to realize that he was a teenager now.

05-02-16_3-36-39 PM

A bit more happy news came our way- how I was always taken by surprise by these revelations of my body.  Another baby.  It was exciting but the thought also exhausted me- four kids.  I knew that most of the women in my family had a lot of kids but I had hoped to break that trend, I didn’t want so many kids that I couldn’t keep track of them all.

05-02-16_3-43-00 PM

Tetro invited me out for a dance party and I figured why not, it had been a while since I had been out with one of my siblings and perhaps it was time for me to get closer to all of my family.

05-02-16_3-45-23 PM

I had a really great time but I headed home early, pregnancy was making me tired and I had to work in the morning.  I wondered if I should throw a family party the next chance I had, maybe that’d be fun for everyone, my kids could meet their aunts.  My sisters could meet my kids.  It was a win-win.

05-02-16_3-52-13 PM

It seemed like pregnancy was also turning me into a bit of a glutton, all I wanted was to bake sweets and eat nothing but sugar.  I was sure my figure would be fine- I had a uniquely high metabolism.

05-02-16_4-16-14 PM

There was a serious break in the case, so much so that I put out an APB and followed the call.  I knew it was probably the girl in the pink, she matched the description of what the suspect was wearing.  She was just a teen- the same age as Belmarsh.  And yet, she was capable of such evil.

05-02-16_4-42-22 PM

At least she had the decency to show remorse for her actions.  Three lives, taken because of her.  I got her confession and I locked her up.  Case closed.  I finally had this murderer behind bars.  She was cute, though, if she wasn’t a murdering psychopath I would give her Belmarsh’s phone number.

After the case was closed it was business as usual, cleaning up the case board was almost like getting closure.  It was all over.  Everything was relatively normal again.  Of course there would be more crime, maybe even more murder, but for now, things were okay.

Normal enough to use my bonus to remodel the house a bit and make Archer an amazing cake for his birthday.  He was just growing into an adult but it was still his birthday and it was still special to me.

05-02-16_5-57-12 PM

There was nothing better than my family, how we all gathered around each other.  It seemed like we were much closer in this small house than I had been with my own sisters in that large legacy house.


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