Sorry for being inactive

Gunna make this quick:  I stopped posting/playing in June since I left my [in the process of becoming] ex-husband.  It’s been a series of big life changes for me so I’ve just been busy.  I have been playing sims still but TS4 just seems to take up so much time and effort I switched to the far easier TS2 and I did make a blog for it (Islesbury) though the theme is acting weird and due to WordPress’ new editing systems I just can’t figure out how to fix it (or anything?).

I’ve been trying to get into TS4 again, I played a bit when toddlers came out but have to update my custom content to open up the Caldos once more.  I am looking forward to playing them again, I really am!  I also want to get maybe a new pack (don’t know which, I am quite behind) and it just depends on what I can afford.

I know everyone loves the Caldos, and there is even more good news.  My new roommate has a beast of a machine and it can run TS3!  Not that I plan on switching the Caldos without being finished with their legacy, but I can possibly finish the Harks!!


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