CD Chapter One-Hundred-Fifteen

05-02-16_6-08-12 PM

I kept working through my pregnancy though I spent less time away from the station.  Mostly I was put on a desk and stayed there for my pregnancy.  Luckily I was blessed with relatively easy cases to solve, or perhaps that was on purpose.  Either way, pregnancy wouldn’t keep me benched forever.

05-02-16_7-30-05 PM

I didn’t work late as much while I was pregnant and I spent more time with my kids.  Belmarsh was growing up and soon he’d be an adult, his childhood and teenage years behind him.  It was strange to think of my baby all grown up.

05-02-16_7-44-57 PM

I was glad to see my family close and together rather than everyone doing their own individual things.  I enjoyed knowing that things were better here.  It just cemented that the change was beneficial for everyone.  The twins were best friends, it was cute.

05-02-16_7-46-11 PM

I went into labor and delivered a cute little baby girl, Shawshank.  That meant there were three prospect heiresses to decide between.  Shawshank was considerably younger than the rest but depending on how she grew up I thought it might be worth considering her.

05-02-16_7-56-28 PM

It turned out that I didn’t have what it took to be social anymore.  Invited to a night out I fell asleep in a bush.  Motherhood and life had taken the party from my bones but I wasn’t sure that was a bad thing or good.

05-02-16_11-25-31 PM

Shawshank grew into a cute little girl and all my children were in school.  Shawshank was a little cutie and was a bit of a tomboy.

05-02-16_11-44-59 PM

It was nice that all my kids could do homework together and encouraged each other.  All my kids had good grades and I was so grateful that they were staying out of trouble.

05-02-16_11-49-50 PM

And with no babies to care after Archer and I had plenty of time to ourselves.  It was nice to have more time with the love of my life.

05-06-16_4-47-05 PM

The children highly enjoyed their little homework club where they studied and learned new skills.  I was eager to encourage their club, especially since it made them little social butterflies and got them to study.

I was sick for a day and I thought it was going to mean another baby.  When I took a test, though, I wasn’t pregnant.  I was sadder than I expected about it.  Maybe I had gotten a bit more hopeful than I had thought about the prospect of another baby.

05-06-16_5-15-23 PM

Archer was understanding and consoled me through it.  I was fortunate enough to have someone who loved me and could support me through this sadness.  It wasn’t a big deal, we didn’t need another baby, and it wasn’t a planned thing either.  We had our careers to focus on, our lives to work on.  Four kids was enough.  I just hadn’t expected to be so disappointed.

05-06-16_8-11-06 PM

Archer put his free time into our children that we had during my sadness.  How had it bummed me out so much?  With the kids in school I felt a little more able to stay at work longer, so I did.  I threw myself into my work to support my four kids.

One evening after work as Archer was making dinner a fire broke out.  My goal was immediately to get the kids to safety- we had a fire detector, the fire department would come, of course.  Turns out, they didn’t.  Archer died, and my pleading with the reaper did nothing.


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