CD Chapter One-Hundred-Twenty

03-09-17_1-40-57 AM

It seemed like all eyes were on me to lead us into greener pastures, to lead us into a better place.  I wasn’t in a rush though, there wasn’t really a reason to rush, there was plenty of time to do everything that had to be done.  There was plenty of time to find love, marry, have children.

03-09-17_2-01-27 AM

There were things that I wanted to do, like join clubs, so that I could have a social life.  One of the best things about my job was that I could work from home, and I did frequently.  It gave me a chance to quickly do my work tasks and then go do my own thing, join clubs, visit friends, I had a social life and I was glad.


03-09-17_2-29-59 AM

In a spur of the moment I texted Kole a little flirty text.  He texted back asking if I wanted to meet up.  Instantly I was nervous, I did want to meet him but I also had no idea what I was doing.  I had never had a romantic partner, this was new territory to me.

03-09-17_2-35-17 AM

We met at the bluffs and started a light flirtation.  That flirtation spiraled into more rather quickly.  I wonder if he had been thinking about me in a romantic way before, had he just been waiting for me?  Obviously Kole had a more feminine body shape than most men, and I wonder if it made him self conscious when it came to romance.  I found it attractive.

03-09-17_2-38-06 AM

Romance came easier than I had thought with Kole, I just followed my instincts and things just fell into place, like his hands falling into mine.  I wasn’t good at envisioning the future, planning for it, so I couldn’t say for sure that I could see myself growing elderly with Kole, but for now he made me feel nice, feel happy.

03-09-17_2-40-41 AM

He was quite a few firsts, including my first kiss.  I think he was surprised that I kissed him, just as I was surprised that I did it too.  I had known this would be a bit of a romantic outing, perhaps I had underestimated just how far it would go.  After that our lips found each other’s much more often, our romance quickly progressing.

03-09-17_2-51-53 AM

I was so nervous when I asked him if he would go steady with me, but he said yes.  I had my very first boyfriend.  We ended the evening there, mostly because it had turned into morning and he had to get to the library for work.  I hoped he wouldn’t be too tired, time had just slipped past me without me noticing.

03-09-17_3-25-56 PM

There was only one person that I wanted to tell about my new relationship, Hanna.  After a quick power nap I called her up and invited her to one of the fancy lounges in the city.  She was happy to hear the good news and I loved spending time with her.

03-09-17_3-27-32 PM

Hanna and I had been friends for a long time, she knew me well and accepted all my flaws and faults- even the big ones, the big cracks in my psyche.  For me to find happiness, healthy romantic happiness, we both knew it was something that I hadn’t expected to happen.  I had expected failed romances, single-motherhood with a sperm donor or something.  The relationship was early, but Kole was one of the best things that had ever happened to me.

03-09-17_3-31-37 PM

Hanna and I were best friends, and I won’t lie, she was gorgeous and when I had first befriended her I had a small crush on her.  I had possibly had hope for us but just hadn’t been able to make it happen, to make those ‘moves’.  I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but with Kole… One semi-flirtatious text and he had made the first move- us going out.  After that it had been easy.  There was just no way I’d ruin my friendship with Hanna.

03-09-17_3-37-16 PM

That didn’t mean my attraction stopped, but honestly, who wasn’t attracted to Hanna?  And my mind was on Kole, Kole and his kisses.  Kole kisses.


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