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CD Gen6 Outtakes & Trivia

A bit about why this went so fast; When I took that break I came back with so much having had passed that I kind of wanted to start a new generation so I could try all the new things in the updates/EPs that I had missed.  I also figured four days out from adulthood was good enough to switch generations.

04-28-16_9-16-58 PM

05-02-16_3-44-48 PM

Sapphire was out at the club (as a ghost no less).

05-02-16_5-30-41 PM

The redone kitchen.

05-02-16_11-46-24 PM

They were one of the cutest couples I’ve had in game.

You can really see the similarities between Folsom and Curare, they both have round faces, similar eyes, noses, lips, I use different skin overlays for them, but their core features are very similar.  It makes me love Attica because she looks like Juno Arcos and goodness Juno was gorgeous, I would know, I made her.

03-06-17_11-51-55 PM

03-07-17_3-49-41 PM

Shawshank and Folsom.

03-07-17_7-36-21 PM.png

I saw protesters!

03-08-17_1-00-54 AM

Gen 6 : Curare Caldo

  • Curare’s traits are : Loner, Good, Lazy. She earned Creatively Gifted, Mentally Gifted, High Metabolism, Fertile, Connections, Frugal, Gym Rat, Long Lived, Alluring, Observant, Entrepreneurial.
  • Curare’s naming theme is Prisons.
  • Curare’s aspirations were BodyBuilder (Com), Successful Lineage (Inc).
  • Gen7 Birth Order : Belmarsh (m), Folsom (f), Attica (f), Shawshank (f)
  • I started to get bored so I began to have fun with the story making bit of this blog/the CD Diaries.
  • Curare’s stomach didn’t flatten after she gave birth so I used cheats to age her up into a young adult so that her body would reset. So when I wrote she “dropped out” of high school, that’s how I made that true in the game.
  • I decided to start over with a fresh lot, no funds, because, well, it got boring having a lovely and huge house with literally over 150k in funds, I needed to struggle again. I may do it again in the future. I kind of dislike the huge lots, makes me feel like I have to fill all that space with stuff.
  • Archer enjoyed popping whims to try for a baby. 😐 I never knew if the kids were from that or the risky woohoo so I just wrote most of them as happy surprises.
  • The fire Archer died in was an accident, could I have probably extinguished him? Yea. I was just ready for the next generation.
  • After Archer’s death is when I rolled for heiress.
  • I hadn’t messed around with a ghost in sims 4 since the abilities had been released to play them and make lil ghost babies, so Archer came back to the household but I promised myself no [intentional] babies.
  • I got a lil bored with Sims (which is also why it was easy to quit playing for that long time) so that’s how Curare’s affair happened, I was bored, the baby was risky woohoo. I just decided to turn it into story for the legacy blog instead of having to reroll heiress again.
  • Curare’s chapters spanned from 110-118.

CD Gen5 Outtakes & Trivia

Are you surprised???

I decided to switch to the new heiress early, it’s called a plot twist.  I certainly didn’t get bored with Avon.  

Front/Back of the new house.

12-12-15_3-12-53 PM

I tried a no-mosaic mod and this happened.  This is Gracie, by the way.

12-12-15_9-04-34 PM

12-12-15_11-50-54 PM

12-13-15_4-05-59 PM

Luis began to descend into madness when Avon was pregnant with Cyanide.

12-13-15_12-14-04 AM

3-14-15_12-32-58 AM

04-01-16_5-03-32 PM

04-01-16_6-38-25 PM


Ruby all grown up.

04-02-16_11-04-24 PM

04-06-16_10-33-45 PM

Gen 5 : Avon Caldo

  • We’ve made it halfway!!
  • I rebuilt the house 4 times before I settled on the current design.
  • Avon’s Aspirations : Serial Romantic (Complete), Master Mixologist (Inc),
  • I still played Sapphire during her work days from time to time to get her to Chief Of Staff.
  • Avon’s books :: I Like Girls And That’s Okay (Children’s), I Like Girls And Boys And That’s Okay (Short Story), Infedelity (Poetry), Open Relationships (Poetry), Preggo Poems (Poetry), Juggling Lovers (Non-Fiction), Growing Up In A Legacy House (Non-Fiction), CooCoo For WooHoo (Romance), The Love Drama In Oasis Springs (Non-Fiction), WooHoo In The Valley (ScreenPlay), Living On The Edge (ScreenPlay), The Paced And Well Manered (ScreenPlay), Being The Town Bicycle : As Fun As It Sounds (ScreenPlay), It Happened One Lunch Break (ScreenPlay), Collecting Hearts (ScreenPlay), Two Lovers, One Night (ScreenPlay), The Ruins Of Our Love (ScreenPlay), The Art Of Being A Baby Mama (ScreenPlay)
  • Avon’s Lovers :: Stefanie Gauthier, Blake Hart, Gracie McCullough, Harry Law, Andrea Jennings, Arabella Nunez, Sri Nunez, Kaylyn Holton, Kolton Holton, Christian Crouch, Bjorn Bjergsen (Some went undocumented because I didn’t want her to come off as that much of a whore but she did.)
  • Avon’s Baby Name Theme is ‘Fast Acting Poisons’.
  • Gen6 Birth Order & Parents : Cyanide (F, Blake Hart), Tetrodotoxin (F, Stefanie Gauthier), Strychnine (F, Kaylyn Holton), Iocane (F, Kaylyn Holton), Curare (F, Bjorn Bjergsen).
  • Stefanie’s Aspirations : Fabulously Wealthy (Inc), Painter Extraordinaire (Inc),
  • I killed Luis via anger because he flirted with Avon once. Gross. Death-worthy, imo.
  • I picked my favorites out of Avon’s lovers to decide which would be the one to love the ho out of her. You can probably guess but I’ll just tell you. It was Bjorn. They weren’t supposed to have babies because he has two girls of his own and she has her own babies, so I just figured that enough was enough and they could just be together. And then in their woohoo fest after they got engaged I went to woohoo again [because he rolled a wish to do it in the tent] and lo and behold the try for a baby option was grayed out- she was pregnant by risky woohoo.
  • After Cyanide’s teen birthday I rolled for heiress and got Tetrodotoxin. I had definitely not planned on Avon having anymore children (by this point Iocane was born) so I ended up having to roll again after Curare was born and I got Curare.
  • You might not have noticed, but Avon has the same heart tattoo on her bicep as Eliza did in Gen3 (Drago’s Wife).
  • Sapphire died the day after Curare was born.
  • I had to reset my computer (it was running slow so I figured to just spring-clean it) so I lost my photoshop action during this chapter so my pictures started looking icky again.

And if you read that you will find out our next matriarch!  Spoiler Alert : It’s Curare.

CD Chapter One-Hundred-Seven

04-02-16_10-58-31 PM

After the wedding there was post-wedding bliss, which was nice besides the fact that I was lugging around another person.  I love my kids, I do, but I want this one to be the last, I just can’t take it anymore, I thought four was enough.

04-02-16_11-02-43 PM

Bjorn was over the moon, though.  It was easy to get excited when he was so excited.  I’m just glad he didn’t ask to re-decorate the nursery.  This baby provided a few complications, for starters I had already picked my successor, but if I kept with that thought then I would be excluding this baby (should it be a girl) from the legacy, she wouldn’t even get a chance.  I figured that I’d just re-evaluate my decision once she was old enough for me to make a decision based upon.

04-02-16_11-13-47 PM

Tetro’s birthday came up and she was our second teenage girl.  I was growing grateful that we had so many bathrooms.  The volume in the house increased as both girls began wearing makeup, borrowing clothes without asking- I couldn’t even recall me and my sisters being like that, maybe I just hadn’t been as close to them as I had been to my brothers.

04-03-16_3-30-23 PM

Though it made her nervous, I convinced mom to retire.  She shouldn’t spend her golden years in a hospital- and well… She was growing a bit senile, which was only made worse by her pre-existing conditions.  I don’t think she should be practicing medicine when she has long drawn out conversations with the house plants.

04-06-16_8-34-21 PM

Bjorn and I went to a Good Timers gathering to let everyone in on the good news.  I have to admit, there were some other members that saw me as a home-wrecker, but that hadn’t been my intention at all.  It was a little annoying that I was blamed for his decisions as if he couldn’t decide to leave his former wife on his own.  It annoyed me beyond belief.

04-06-16_9-11-39 PM

Those thoughts didn’t have time to fester, though.  Soon I was giving birth to a beautiful little girl whom I named Curare.  She would definitely be my last, and despite her unplanned existence I was still so happy to have her.  Her older sisters were eager to dote on her as well, she truly was the baby of the family.

04-06-16_9-17-50 PM

Bristol invited mom out to a dance party and I managed to talk mom into going- it would be good for her to get out, live life, see one of her other kids for a change.  Besides, everyone was going to be drinking, who would really care if she started conversing with an inanimate object or something?

04-06-16_9-25-39 PM

Mom didn’t return until the sun had already gone down, of course I was still up when she got home but it was really late for her.  She had really enjoyed herself and it made me so happy that she had.  She rarely left the house, she’d been like that before though, rarely going places, preferring the safety of her home, I understand, but I still don’t think it’s really healthy.

04-06-16_9-33-35 PM

Tetra really enjoyed playing with Curare, it was a thought to keep in mind, that she would enjoy furthering the legacy line because she seemed to enjoy being around children.  Before Curare had been born I had actually picked Tetra for heiress.  Now I’m not sure, if Curare turns out to be a better fit for the family then we’ll have to keep her in the running.  It’s only fair to give equal opportunity to all my girls.

04-06-16_10-27-08 PM

My mother passed away.  I’m not sure what else to say.  She was an amazing woman, an amazing mother, and I know that everyone has to die, we can’t live forever, but I think if anyone should have been given the chance to live forever, it should have been her.  She went through so much in her life and I can only hope that she was happy with all she had accomplished.  I feel like I should have been a better daughter, I should have appreciated her more, I shouldn’t have taken her for granted.

04-06-16_10-34-56 PM

There was a silver lining, or at least a small bit of sunshine in the gloom.  Curare grew into an adorable, blond, little girl.  Blond like Bjorn, she was a sweetheart.

CD Chapter One-Hundred-Six

04-02-16_3-52-26 PM

I decided to hold off on telling the kids about the engagement, at least for a few minutes when we got back to camp.  I wasn’t exactly keeping it a secret, I just wanted some time to enjoy it to myself with Bjorn before I had everyone crowding me for wedding details.

04-02-16_3-59-57 PM

With our new engagement, Bjorn and I couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.  Literally, everywhere.  Bushes, tents, bushes, tents, everywhere.  I’d never done it with such passion, with such intensity.  I’m pretty sure we scared off every single woodland creature in the woods.

04-02-16_4-03-15 PM

I told my mom first, and luckily she was lucid enough to tell me that she knew I’d do great.  She also gave me a little tidbit of advice, though I’m not sure how ‘don’t trust the gnomes’ is really going to help me in this situation, but thanks mom, I won’t.  I worry so much about her lately.  I need to get married while she’s still here, I want her to be there at my wedding.

That night I announced my engagement to the girls and spent the night thinking of everything I wanted for my wedding while curled up tight in Bjorn’s sleeping bag.  He was fast asleep as I thought of a garden wedding, of sunlight streaming down and making Bjorn’s blond hair into a halo.  He could do so much better than me, I still don’t understand why he left his wife for me.

04-02-16_4-20-16 PM

As I made hot dogs and the scent wafted up I felt a wave of nausea.  I’d been through this four times, and with Iocane I had morning sickness my entire pregnancy.  I knew that a sensitive nose, that sudden nausea, they only meant one thing.  Bjorn and I hadn’t been as careful as we had thought.  I didn’t want to have Bjorn’s baby while we weren’t married, I also didn’t want to be huge at my own wedding.  I rushed everyone home, packing up everything hastily and the moment we got home I threw myself into planning the perfect wedding.  When people asked me why, mostly my family, I told them a half-truth, I didn’t want to give myself enough time to back out of this, that I wanted to be married already.  Bjorn helped where he could but let’s face it, wedding planning is a woman’s thing.

04-02-16_7-29-01 PM

I found the perfect place for my garden wedding, it had beautiful fountains, greenery, flowers, it was perfect.  I picked out the perfect dress, the perfect accessories, had my hair done up for the big day.  And then it was time to begin the wedding.

04-02-16_7-30-11 PM

Bjorn’s daughters came to the wedding, I was glad that they and my daughters were already friends.  Soon, though no one but me knew, they would all have one more sibling.  Part of me wanted to tell my mom but with her mind going, well… I didn’t want her spilling the beans and letting everyone know that the bride was knocked up.

04-02-16_7-36-14 PM

Sussex came to see me on my big day, it’s been a while since I saw him and I was so happy.  It almost felt unnatural for me to be this happy, even if I was jittery with nervousness, well… I wanted to be better.  I’ve asked myself before and I’ll ask again, what kind of example am I setting for my children?  I read every diary, and I know it’s never too late to change things, and I finally found someone who loves me, and I love him.  It might be scary but I want to do this, I want to be better.

04-02-16_7-41-48 PM

It’s my resolution to be better, for Bjorn, for our girls, all six of them, and for the little baby girl or boy I’m currently carrying.  I have to admit, I’m looking forward to my marriage with Bjorn.  I can’t seem to say it enough, but maybe if I keep saying it, maybe if I keep focusing on the excitement, the want to change, the good, it will be easier to make those wishes come true.

During the reception I knew it was a little obvious that I had a small bump.  I took Bjorn aside and told him the real reason I had rushed the wedding, that my suspicions about being pregnant had been correct and that we were having another baby.  He was so excited, even though this definitely wasn’t planned, this little baby was definitely wanted.

04-02-16_8-15-37 PM

After we went home Bjorn stayed behind to pay the wishing well a visit.  When he got home he came to me and told me his wish had come true- his wish to be somewhat younger, to stay with me longer.  He was still older than me, an adult rather than a young adult, but we’d have more time together and maybe we’d get to grow old together after all.

CD Chapter One-Hundred-Five

CD Chapter One-Hundred-Five

04-02-16_1-40-27 PM

Cyanide started a club for teens and children to do their homework and study books.  She had each of her sisters in it, even Cheshire, my sister, and also Bjorn’s two daughters.  Since she started the club grades in my house have gone up.

04-02-16_2-03-55 PM

Iocane’s birthday came up and while I was happy I was also sad.  All my kids were growing up so quickly, it seemed like the years were just flying by.  I decided to do what my mom had done when I was growing up, I decided to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.  I decided to plan a vacation. Before that I decided to have Bjorn move in with me, I assume it was a little weird living in the same house as his ex-wife while constantly texting his new girlfriend.

04-02-16_2-57-41 PM

He came with us on vacation and honestly, it was amazing how quickly he set up the camp site.  Things had been moved around since I had last been here, but it was still the same place that I had come with my siblings and spent time out in nature playing games and getting to know them.  I had lots of fond memories of this place.

04-02-16_3-02-27 PM

I felt so good to be out in the woods and I know that it does wonders for mom’s, well, stability.  It’s gotten worse in her old age, if we’re being honest, and I think that she should retire soon.  I just worry so much about her, she’s not young anymore, she can’t be working twelve hour shifts at the hospital all the time.

04-02-16_3-04-30 PM

The woods also helped me.  After Stefanie I hadn’t thought I’d let anyone move in with me again, I hadn’t thought I would trust anyone like I trusted Bjorn.  I trusted him far more than I had ever trusted Stefanie- I had told him the truth about me, about my, well, issues (everyone’s got some!) from the get go and he’d still accepted me and wanted to be with me.  I don’t know how it had happened, honestly, but I’m in love.  I love Bjorn Bjergsen.

We spent a lot of time with each other, just my mom, my love, my kids and I.  I missed home a little bit, but we also got to meet the park ranger.  I have to admit, something about camping just linked us all together.  We rarely ate meals as a large family at home, and by rarely I mean only in the event of a birthday.  Perhaps we should have weekly dinners together, start out with baby steps.  Of course, that would only truly work if I didn’t work evenings and nights.

In the afternoon Bjorn and I took a walk alone to the waterfall.  He chose that location and it was super romantic.  I was more than happy to get alone with him, I could get close to him but not in the way I wanted to when all my kids were around.  I had a feeling in my heart that he chose this location for a reason, I wasn’t sure, but the air around us as we kissed seemed a bit more charged than usual.

04-02-16_3-44-28 PM

And then he got down on one knee.  A million thoughts rushed through my mind, this couldn’t be happening, he knew me, he knew that I didn’t have a great track record with commitment, that one sim was too limiting for me.  But I loved him, and I couldn’t deny that.

04-02-16_3-44-56 PM

And he loved me.  He pulled out the ring and said that he loved me as I was, that he wasn’t asking me to change, that he wasn’t asking me to stop doing anything that I wanted to do, but that he also wanted to be my husband.  We both knew that, well, Bjorn wasn’t as young as I am, and I knew that if I didn’t marry him then I would never get married, I knew there would never be anyone else for me.

04-02-16_3-45-27 PM

So I accepted.  Part of me was terrified, I didn’t want to fuck this up, I didn’t want to lose Bjorn.  But this is what people did, right?  They fell in love and then they took leaps of faith, praying there’d be someone there to catch them and they wouldn’t hit the pavement and break every bone and their heart.  I’m not really taking the leap, though, not really.  Bjorn is, he’s taking the leap even though he knows I might not be there to catch him.  I just, I want to be so much more than what I am.  I’m still young.  There’s still time to change.

04-02-16_3-46-00 PM

So it seems like I’m getting married!  This is probably the best vacation I’ve ever been on and I’m actually looking forward to planning the wedding, deciding all the details, terrified, of course, that I’m making a mistake, but also excited.